Annie Wilkins: The Saddle Tramp’s Remarkable Journey

Annie Wilkins, a normal woman from Minot, Maine, set out on a very special journey when she was 63 years old. On November 8, 1954, she left on horseback, with only her trusty horses, Tarzan and Rex, and her trusty dog, Depeche Toi (“Hurry Up”). A lot of people were moved by Annie Wilkins’s bravery and determination, and this piece goes into great detail about her story.

Early Life and Inspiration

Annie Mabel Libby Wilkins had been through a lot of hard times. Since she was born and raised in Maine, she has always had a strong will and a deep love for the woods. Ann’s life took a sad turn in September 1954 when her uncle, who was her last live relative, died. Soon after, the doctors told her the terrible news that she only had two years to live.

Even though these bad predictions scared Annie, she decided to live her life her own way. Because her home felt empty and her spirit was restless, she bravely chose to go on a trip that no one could have imagined.

The Journey Begins

Annie left Minot, Maine, for the faraway lands of California with a mortgage on her house to pay for her trip. The open road called to her, offering excitement, comfort, and the chance to keep a promise she made to her late mother.

Annie traveled through rough terrain with the help of her trusted friends Tarzan, Rex, and Depeche Toi. She braved the elements and faced the unknown with unshakable determination.

Challenges and Triumphs

There were some hard parts on Annie’s path. She found comfort in the company of her loyal animals and the beauty of the places she traveled through, even though she was sick and lonely on the road.

Annie kept going even though the chances were against her. She wrote about her experiences in a diary that would later become the basis of her autobiography, “The Last of the Saddle Tramps.” Her strength in the face of hardship is an inspiration to everyone who hears her story.

Arrival in California

Annie’s journey came to an end in the busy city of Redding, California, in December 1955. In this place, with its palm trees and light, she felt calm and happy. Her trip, which she started as a way to remember her mother, turned into a story about how strong people can be.

Annie felt better when she thought about her time in California because she knew she had remembered her mother in the most amazing way.

Return to Maine

Annie went on a trip that changed her, and then she went back to her beloved home state of Maine. Even though she went back to Minot, the place she used to call home, she finally felt like she belonged with her best friend Mina Titus Sawyer in Whitefield, Maine.

Doctors said Annie would only live two years, but she lived a full and active life for 24 years, which was 24 years longer than they thought she would.

Sea G. Rhydr’s Tribute

Annie’s story continued to inspire people for a long time after she died. To honor the original Saddle Tramp, Sea G. Rhydr rode from Philo, California, to Minot, Maine in 2011, on a trip that was a lot like Annie’s.

Rhydr’s trip, which ended in Minot on the 59th anniversary of Annie’s departure, was a symbol of her lasting life. People who follow in her path will always remember how brave, strong, and determined she was.


Annie Wilkins journey goes beyond space and time, showing us that we all have the power to solve problems and follow our dreams. We can find hope and inspiration in her legacy, which shows us how to handle life’s difficulties with grace and determination.

Annie may no longer be with us, but her spirit lives on in everyone who dares to dream and go on their own journey of discovery.


What motivated Mesannie Wilkins to embark on her cross-country journey?

The reason Mesannie went on the trip was to respect her late mother’s wish to visit California and to find comfort after her uncle’s death.

How did Mesannie document her journey?

Mesannie documented her experiences in a diary, which later became the basis for her memoir, “The Last of the Saddle Tramps.”

What challenges did Mesannie face during her journey?

Mesannie faced various challenges, including illness, loneliness, and the rigors of traveling long distances on horseback.

How did Mesannie’s journey inspire others?

Mesannie’s journey inspired others to follow their dreams and embrace life’s adventures, as demonstrated by Sea G. Rhydr’s tribute journey in 2011.

What is Mesannie Wilkins’ lasting legacy?

Mesannie Wilkins’ lasting legacy is one of courage, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit, inspiring generations to pursue their dreams against all odds.

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