The Hidden Costs of Website Redesign and How to Avoid Them

Does your company website receive few views? Is online acquisition going slowly? Then, consider redesigning it.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital technology, where user expectations and industry trends shift at a rapid pace, is your website keeping up? To maintain a competitive edge, it’s imperative to reassess your website’s performance and consider a redesign every few years.

When you decide to hire a web agency to create or redesign your website and thus lay the foundation for your online presence, the first question that comes to mind is undoubtedly about the budget. This is normal because the cost of creating or redesigning a website depends on many factors.

Why redesign your website?

There are various reasons for redesigning your website:

  • Your website design looks outdated: It needs to be updated. Maybe you originally liked the look of your website, but now, the visual elements seem unsightly or outdated. Or your website needs to be more responsive and, therefore, easier to navigate on mobile devices.
  • Your website’s underlying technology is outdated: If your website’s content management system (CMS) is outdated and rarely updated, it’s not just a matter of aesthetics. Serious security vulnerabilities can emerge, leaving your businesses at risk of data breaches or even a complete website shutdown.
  • You need new website features: Over time, your website may need to do more than originally intended. For example, if you add an online store to your blog, you may need to redesign your website to include store functionality.
  • You change your brand image: Your company undergoes a comprehensive rebranding and revises its brand values, logo, colors, and much more. As part of this, you’ll need to change your marketing materials, including redesigning your website.

Cost Estimates for Website Redesign Services

Many different elements complicate the precise determination of the Costs of Website Redesign. However, to provide a rough estimate, let’s explore the average cost associated with varying types of website redesigns:

  • Simple Website Redesign: A basic design change includes modifying visual elements, color palette, font, and arrangement. The site’s mobile optimization would also be considered. The price really depends on how complicated it is and how many pages it has, and it could range from $499 to $1,499.
  • Intermediate Website Redesign: Such a redesign can include a complete user interface system, adding new options, and improving the user experience in general. Depending on the scope, an intermediate redesign will cost between $1,499 and $3,499.
  • Detailed Website Redesign: The complex rebuild process includes extensive design changes, integration of new advanced features, or a possible shift to a different CMS. This kind of innovation involves more design, development, and testing efforts. The budget for the complicated redesign could be anywhere from $3,999 to $5,499, and more, depending on the given tasks.

Useful Cost-Saving Tips

While a Website Redesign is an investment, there are ways to optimize costs without compromising on quality:

  • Set a Project Scope: Setting a clear projected scope allows for avoiding scope creep, which could result in expanded costs. To learn more, click here. Be crystal clear about your goals, requirements, and expectations from the start.
  • Prioritize Features: Determine and rank the key criteria to be used and implemented on your website. Cutting down on frivolous gadgets is an ideal strategy for minimizing the total budget.
  • Content Management and Updates: Use the CMS, which is human-oriented and allows you to write and update content without a need to have in-depth technical knowledge. This allows for cutting down expenses in the long run by minimizing the unneeded presence of developers.
  • Templates and Themes: If you’re not looking for something highly personalized, you can always opt for pre-designed templates or themes. This allows for a drop in the design and development costs while still keeping the highly satisfactory appearance of the product.
  • Regular Maintenance: Allocate a budget for website maintenance to identify and resolve any issues that arise quickly. This can avoid the expensive problems to be developed in the future.

Checklist for a smooth website redesign


  • Analyze the current website to determine what to change
  • Analyze competition to get inspiration for improving the website


  • Set goals for the redesign – both high-level goals and actionable subgoals
  • Check the technical setup of the website to decide whether an overhaul is necessary
  • Set site redesign responsibilities so your team knows who has to do what. If necessary, hire external experts


  • Prepare for a redesign by creating all the necessary design elements, building your new website, and so on
  • Go online with your newly designed website and monitor its performance in terms of loading times
  • Continuously improve the website as soon as you see the potential for improvement


A meaningful company website is essential these days. It is much more than just your figurehead or your business card on the internet. Your company’s website can effectively help you attract customers as an additional marketing channel. Therefore, it is important that you neither rush nor approach the redesign of the company website half-heartedly. A redesign is a complex process and not a one-time task and is advisable to hire Website Redesign Experts fo your help.

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