Curious to try out rich and exquisite coffee liqueur? Here’s what you should know first

Are you one of those people who love coffee and liqueur? Both have their unique tastes and purposes. Coffee charges you up and gets you going, while alcohol relaxes you from within. But how about a product that combines the richness of coffee with the smoothness of liqueur? You know it exists, and that’s why you’re here, to know more about it.

But it’s not just you. Most of us would be curious to try out something as unique as coffee liqueur. Imagine enjoying the taste of two of your favorite beverages in one bottle. Sure, there’s spiced rum, flavored vodka and spiced whiskey, but this one stands apart, just for its name. This article will tell you what this beverage is, the ingredients it contains, its health benefits, and a few things that you should check before buying one.

What does this drink contain?

Well, as mentioned above, it combines two beverages in one bottle – coffee and liqueur. Of course, the exact percentage of both contained in a mixture depends on the manufacturer, company etc. However, in most cases, the range of alcohol is between 15% to 30%. Likewise, the specific amount of caffeine depends on the types of coffee beans, concentration level, production process.

Does it taste like coffee or liqueur?

It tastes just as you would expect it to: a rich, invigorating taste of coffee combined with the sweet, velvety and smooth taste of liqueur. As soon as you remove the cap, you are reminded of a freshly brewed mug of coffee, but with the addition of something sweet. It’s not bitter, so you don’t have to worry about balancing out the taste by adding anything extra. It’s all done beforehand.

Health benefits of this beverage

It’s not just the taste which makes this drink popular. It has many health benefits, including some of the ones mentioned below.

It’s rich in antioxidants

This should come as no surprise at all. It contains coffee, which as we know is rich in antioxidants. And when you have plenty of it, it improves your health and well-being.

Helps you relax

Any beverage which contains liqueur is relaxing, and this one is no exception. As mentioned earlier, the specific alcohol percentage will vary depending on the brand, serving size etc. Consuming it in moderation will calm you down and is a perfect companion for those evenings when you need to relax after a long day.

Improves the digestion process

This one is self-evident isn’t it? It’s also a bit of music to our ears and those that have a hard time digesting a meal. The liqueur contained in it improves digestion by relaxing the stomach. The coffee, meanwhile, speeds up the digestive process by moving food faster in the stomach.

Uplifts your mood

And when we say uplifts, it means it comforts you, soothes you from within, washes away your worries, and transports you into a state of absolute bliss. Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s what makes it special. The first sip of it tells your brain “it’s time to relax”. It does that by flooding the brain with endorphins, the feel good chemical.

Tips for buying it the first time

Well, there are the general rules that you should follow – research the brand, check the types of products they offer, and the source of ingredients used in them. For example, check if the manufacturer or seller has used locally grown coffee and vanilla, since that ensures extra freshness and quality. Another thing that you must check is the alcohol content in the product. As a first time user, go with one that has a lower alcohol percentage.

If you’ve never tried coffee liqueur, you should. It tastes great, has plenty of health benefits, and has a variety of uses. Just remember these points if you happen to buy it the first time, and you can be sure of getting a product that you’ll absolutely enjoy.

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