Sew Your Own Scrunchie: Join the Creative Wave with Classes in Niagara Falls, ON

In Niagara Falls, there is a clever and stylish trend growing which mixes do-it-yourself enjoyment with personal fashion. People who live in the area or come to visit are showing interest in sewing their own scrunchies by participating in fun-filled classes for scrunchie sewing in Niagara Falls Ontario.

Now, we’ll explore the delightful parts of creating your own scrunchie and what you can expect in the sewing classes.

Why Sew Your Own Scrunchie?

Scrunchies, which were trendy during the 80s and 90s, have again become fashionable. These fabric-covered hair ties that are soft on the hair provide more than just an aesthetic benefit—they also help in stopping breakage caused by typical elastic bands.

Also, scrunchies have turned into a fashionable and adaptable accessory. They can be put on the wrist as a fashion symbol or used to style hair in different methods such as ponytails and buns. Making your own scrunchie gives an individual touch to daily clothes and it is a delightful trend too.


When you sew your own scrunchies, you become the designer. This DIY approach lets you choose from a wide variety of fabric types and textures. Options include smooth silk, cozy cotton, and luxurious velvet. Furthermore, you can also pick from numerous patterns such as vibrant florals, classic polka dots, or bold solid colors. This allows you to tailor your scrunchies to your personal style or to coordinate with specific outfits.


Making your own scrunchies is a great way to practice sustainable fashion. By opting to upcycle fabric scraps or repurpose old garments, you help reduce waste. This practice not only minimizes the environmental impact but also breathes new life into materials that might otherwise end up in landfills.


Creating your own scrunchies can also be more cost-effective than buying them in stores. With a modest investment in basic sewing supplies, you can make multiple pieces. Moreover, you can customize an entire set for about the same cost as buying just one or two store-bought scrunchies.

Therapeutic Benefits

Participating in sewing and other crafting activities offers therapeutic benefits. The act of creating something from scratch provides a sense of accomplishment. It can be a relaxing way to de-stress after a hectic day. Additionally, it’s an excellent chance to improve or acquire new skills in sewing and crafting.

Where to Take Classes in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, celebrated for its stunning views and vibrant local culture, also serves as a hub for creative learning. Here, you can find several places to learn how to sew your own scrunchies:

Community Centers

In these local centers, a variety of craft classes are regularly offered, including sewing. These classes are ideal for beginners and are typically very affordable. Furthermore, community centers supply all necessary materials, so you can start without needing to buy your own supplies.

Fabric Stores

For those eager to delve deeper into textiles, specialty fabric stores in the area provide sewing classes. Additionally, these classes give you the opportunity to select from a wide range of fabrics right where you learn.

Art Studios

Smaller, boutique comfort and style art studios and workshops in Niagara Falls offer more personalized classes in cozy, intimate settings. This environment is perfect for those seeking detailed guidance from skilled artisans. Notably, Stitched Together Studio stands out by offering specialized classes in scrunchie making, among other creative workshops.

What to Expect in a Class

Classes for making scrunchies usually run for one to two hours, which is a great creative activity to enjoy during a weekend or calm evening.

Learn Basic Sewing Techniques

For sewing, whether you use a machine or do it by hand, these classes are made for all levels. They make sure you learn the initial methods needed to make a scrunchie.

Understand Material Selection

For your scrunchies, the teachers will help you in choosing fabric and elastic that is most suitable. They consider things like elasticity, weight of material and how it looks.

Master the Scrunchie-Making Process

In the class, you will be taught all the steps that are necessary. This includes measuring and cutting of fabric, sewing and putting in elastic. At the end of it all, you will have skills to make useful as well as fashionable scrunchies.


So, take your cloth cutting scissors, pick the material you like best and get ready to join in on the scrunchie comeback happening at Niagara Falls. Making them for yourself, as gifts with care or to go with what you wear, DIY scrunchies bring a unique touch to all kinds of clothes. Join a class today and start building your own unique collection of scrunchies!

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